How Can One Become A Singapore Permanent Resident?

If you are trying to get your Singapore PR application approved, the following may be of help to you. The following are among the most popular ways in which you can utilize to get yourself a Singapore permanent residency, and perhaps an eventual Singapore passport and citizenship too!

PTS scheme

The first and most popular Singapore PR application scheme would be the PTS scheme. The short form for Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker Scheme, this is what many working, white collared professionals and expats in Singapore are classified under. Therefore, there is no surprise that this PTS scheme is one of the most commonly used methods by expats and immigrants for a Singapore PR.

Under the PTS scheme, as the name suggests, only those with an S pass or E pass are able to access this. Work permit and work pass holders are unable to qualify for this.

GIP scheme

The second popular one would be the GIP scheme. Known as the Global Investor Programme, it is a program which allows for one to get a SG permanent residence via investment.

Through your spouse

If your spouse is already a Singapore permanent resident or a Singaporean citizen, then it makes things far easier for you to become a Singapore permanent resident too. This is one of the easiest possible methods to get your Singapore PR application approved if you are married to one. If your spouse is already one, consider using this method, as its approval rate is naturally higher than the rest, assuming you meet the other basic criteria too.

Family ties

If you have an immediate family member who is already a Singapore permanent resident or citizen, you can make use of this family tie to get a PR for yourself. However, since most people belonging to this category are either the aged parents or very young children of an existing resident, most of the people who fall into this group already have their PR application taken care of by the existing resident anyway. So this is a rare one to look at.

Student preferably with top Singapore government scholarships

If you are a foreign student studying in Singapore and have gotten top Singapore government related scholarships for your education, you can make use of this to help yourself get an eventual permanent residency as well as citizenship.